Founded in 1999 when Lyn O’Leary returned to Sydney from working in the UK, her aim is to take the mystery out of telecommunications and put the focus back where it belongs – in serving your business.

Enigma provides customer training for many of the “top end” PABX/Voice Server/VoIP manufacturers as well as attending to the needs of small business with Key Systems. Clients include large Governments Departments, Retail and Administrative organisations right down to small family run organisations. Lyn travels extensively all over Australia, providing her client base with thorough and professional training.

Enigma promises not only to show staff how to use your telecommunications technology, but more importantly how to combine that knowledge with professional call handling skills, ensuring a leading edge in Customer Service.

In today’s competitive environment can you trust your business in the hands of the person who is holding the phone?

Enigma Training & Services will make sure you can……….

Enigma Training & Services

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